" sssssssh
 no time
 only years” -Vocalscore

There’s a message here… and..I just..idk.. 

is like a scret code

only when the tme comes

and not the yares

will you find nirvana teen spirit


I don’t normally post personal stuff on here, but i just really love my boyfriend vocalscorepony. He’s one of the nicest, most sweetest people i’ve ever met and i’m so happy that he’s a part of my life. i just felt like sharing that. uvu <3

Guys, umbramist (nsfw) deserves waaaaay more recognition for his art that he works super hard on and is amazing! He also just needs to be told how cool and nice he is in general!
Go tell him! <3

amber is super kind and sweet and cool and funny and you should all like her.

This may be a tall order, but is there anyone out there who makes good plushies, is going to BUCK, and wants to make me a super cute adorable plushie at a heavily discounted price to take with me on my cruise so I can kiiiiiinda feel like I’m hugging my boyfriend? :P

No? I didn’t think so. :P


Buy Your Own Here

Those outlets look shocked that you&#8217;re not using them for that any more


Buy Your Own Here

Those outlets look shocked that you’re not using them for that any more

Vocal, when are you going to be playing at BUCK

Not sure of the definite time yet, but when I know for sure, I’ll let you know! :3

Feeling this more and more each day. :/

UUUUGH why did the guy I fell in love with have to live so far away. ;<;
I hate being in such different timezones, screws everything up.

So, you are going to glorious Greece, right? Here is a small advice, k? Don't even think about showing your sexuality, 'cause most of the populations is ridiculously homophobic. You have been warned. And don't even think about making debt jokes.

Yeah, I wouldn’t think about making debt jokes, but are you sure about the whole sexuality thing?
I’m going to a five star hotel that is purpose-built for super rich (mostly British) people. I think in the hotel I’ll be ok, as long as I don’t parade a gay pride flag through the streets. :P
Thanks for the advice though! Interesting to know… :3