Princess Vocal Score

This is the kind of vocal cover I would usually post on my Soundcloud, but I put it on youtube as a sort of advertisement to remind people that I have one! <3
What? You haven’t heard the original of this song by Jeff Burgess with vocals by MEMJ0123 and EileMonty? GO LISTEN TO IT NOW <3

My new EDM track! A fun little idea I had a while ago, with the awesome missbunniswan stepping in to provide the AWESOME Pinkie vocals! Go tell her how awesome she is! <3

Also, art provided by the super cool kadogeookami! If you’re not watching her by now what are you even doing?

If you liked it, be sure to head over to Bandcamp (clicky!) and buy it! It’s £1.00 minimum, but you can pay whatever you like!


I’m hoping that this EDM track is gonna be ready for release tomorrow! Look out for it! :3 <3

I really need to shave.

I really need to shave.

I recently got a really awesome cheap sketch commission of Vocal done by the talented naomisnaughtynook!
I’m gonna warn you now, it’s super nsfw! If you wanna see it, you can head click here to see it! Just keeping my own blog sfw. :3 <3


A cover of the awesome song which went through various generations, eventually ending in this one by wooden-toaster, livingtombstone and MictheMicrophone! (who it wouldn’t let me properly tag. D:)

With amazing art from KnifeH!

But yeah, i really hope all you guys like it. This week of has been amazing for inspiration for some reason! Don’t expect it to carry on though since I go back to university on Monday. :P

I don’t know how long these delusions are gonna last. How long is it until I realise that I’m never going to be able to sustain myself as a ‘musician’? I’m nowhere near good enough.


I really hope you don’t hate it.

Honestly man, you say that those high notes are out of your range, but you nailed them! I think if you kept at it and tried to nurture that octave, you’ll have a very wide singing range! 

The change in dynamics on your vocal cover was also very interesting to listen to. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see how others will interpret the lyrics. 

Fantastic cover though man! Give yourself props I thought your high voice was pretty good!

Keep at it! 

Thanks man! It’s really nice to hear that you liked it. Not gonna lie, was a little bit nervous about the thought of you hearing it, but it’s a relief to know you didn’t hate it! :P

I was listening to sugaryviolet's cover of this awesome song, and it kinda got me inspired!
So I grabbed IvoryBrony’s track: and sang at it! :3
And Nifey inspired me with all his talking as well. :P <3
For some reason, I decided to jump up to dbpony's octave at the end. Bad choice. Sorry for wrecking your song dude. :P <3